What’s the use with VITAMINS

What’s the use with VITAMINS?

When we think about vitamins and minerals for health, we generally utilize them to help reverse established diseases.  For instance, calcium and vitamin D for osteoporosis, magnesium supplementation for chronic migraines, or iron for anemia.

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Have you ever thought of the concept of taking vitamins to optimize health, BEFORE disease occurs?  We typically follow DRIs (Dietary Reference Intake), which are the minimum amounts recommended to prevent an index deficiency disease, not the variable amount needed for optimal health.  Conventional medicine has been biased against the use of vitamins to optimize health.  When we think about pharmaceutical medications, we know they are utilized to alter “normal” pathology in an effort to remediate disease. However, the use of vitamins should be thought of as the complete opposite.  Nutrients are meant to restore normal function, not alter it.  This is done by optimizing biological function through their actions as coenzymes in biochemical pathways that exist throughout the human body.

The second part of this equation relates to the fact that we are all individuals and therefore require variable amounts of vitamins and nutrients depending on our genetic makeup. Our current nutritional recommendations do not take this into account.  While this isn’t taught through conventional training, there is new evidence that identifies suboptimal nutrient status is linked to epidemic diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune disorders.

We will continue to explore the link between nutrition and medicine and its contribution to overall health. 

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