Do you love my site as much as I do?

Do you love my site as much as I do?

First let me say thank you to everyone who has visited my site, liked my posts, and left comments.  I get all your messages and love the support!

Now that my website has been live for about a month, I wanted to take the time to share some of my favorite features that helped me make the switch.

As I mentioned previously, was a little scary to me when I first started my blog.  The unknown of how to build a website kept me searching for what I thought would be easier.  Boy was I wrong.  When I finally made the switch, I can’t stress enough how helpful the 24-hour chat support was. I was able to ask questions, real-time, and the support staff did some research and quickly provided the solution.  Even creating custom CSS codes to fix a glitch that was popping up with the template I used.  Bottom line, they were super helpful, took the stress out of the equation, and made it a fun experience to build my website.

Now many of you know with the launch of this website was the launch of my Gut Healing Protocol.  Let me first start off by saying, I developed this protocol back in OCTOBER, and it’s taken me this long to launch it, simply because of the unknowns.

I had never sold anything directly on my website. Anything I have put up on my site has directed people to a third-party site to purchase.  This was a huge reason as to why I switched to, because of the availability of WooCommerce.  

WooCommerce was so incredibly easy to use. I was shocked!

The ease of uploading my protocol and setting a price was just step one. It’s also super simple to link your product back to your product page for continuous exposure.  You can use the “button” feature to add in links in different spaces on your site and make it aesthetically pleasing.  Your visitors can click these buttons and it will redirect them to the product checkout page! This has helped with exposure and sales of my product. 

I was also able to set up payment through credit card and PayPal in a matter of 2 minutes, no joke! It was as simple as putting in my information, banking, etc, and voila, I was ready to start selling!

What’s really important to me when I’m selling an item like a protocol is the ability for other buyers to have access to review and rating, as it builds credibility to my product.  This is a built-in feature with WooCommerce, and I can’t wait to watch it get populated!

It was so easy to sell on, and  I am excited to continue to create more downloadable products to help my readers take control of their health.  Lastly, I will say that the analytics are amazing.  They help me gauge where improvements are needed, what’s working, and who I need to target. WordPress also has a super convenient app that allows me to track views over time and daily.  This is so incredibly helpful, especially when I put out a new post and want to track real-time progress.

As more people are tuning in, my main goal this year is to grow my blog on my website.  I share so much information through social media, but I’ve sadly neglected my official blog.  With the block builder, it makes it so easy to create blogs with varying text, pictures, hyperlinks and more.  I love how I can easily customize each blog post, and it’s not a cookie cutter template.  As I grow my blog I plan on adding not only more educational content that I know you all love, but my entire library of recipes, and there are A LOT of them!! I’m super excited about the ability to categorize my posts and recipes so it’s easy for my readers to navigate and sort through what they are looking for.  Stay tuned for this, I have a lot coming your way.

I know my website is going to continue to grow and change as I navigate the platform. offers so many different plugins, over 50,000, so you can connect with almost any third-party website.  This allows for more functionality to your website, without the background of coding and developing. This is so important especially as your focus can alter and shift. Your website will grow as you grow, and very easily!

If you are interested in switching to or creating a brand new website, I have a discount code for you that gives you 20% off any of the currently offered plans. Use discount code Donna20 and get started today, it’s easy, fun, and totally customizable!

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