Frankincense and Autoimmune

Frankincense and Autoimmune Boswellia Seratta has been touted as the herb that can conquer it all. In the world of essential oils, it is known as the “king of oils”, but do people really understand the reasoning behind its value and impact on health and disease. Boswellia is a branching tree and native to theContinue reading “Frankincense and Autoimmune”

What’s the use with VITAMINS

What’s the use with VITAMINS? When we think about vitamins and minerals for health, we generally utilize them to help reverse established diseases.  For instance, calcium and vitamin D for osteoporosis, magnesium supplementation for chronic migraines, or iron for anemia. Have you ever thought of the concept of taking vitamins to optimize health, BEFORE diseaseContinue reading “What’s the use with VITAMINS”

Gut health stems far beyond the gut

Gut health stems far beyond the gut This concept was quite shocking to me, even though I had a medical background. I had no idea that my gut was so strongly linked to my immune system Did you know that the GI mucosal membrane surface is the largest interface between our internal body and theContinue reading “Gut health stems far beyond the gut”