After obtaining my Doctorate in Pharmacy degree from Ferris State University, I continued my training by completing a residency program at the Detroit Medical Center. I spent about 10 years in clinical practice doing medication therapy management. In speaking to patients with a chronic illness I was blown away by how little they knew about managing their disease through lifestyle. This led me to pursue a master’s in nutrition, which I started and then stopped, switching gears to get my MBA to align with my future goals! But then, in 2015, it all came back around full circle when I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. My diagnosis took me right back to my passion to understand how I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. I realized I didn’t know who to trust and what was the right way to manage my disease, and so, I decided to become THE source! I embarked on a journey to further my education and obtain a Master’s in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from The University of Western States. Through my journey in school, I started DrAutoimmuneGirl to share trusted information to those suffering like myself.

Then I realized….

I actually have a gift and an ability to take complex information and simplify it into easily digestible pearls! So that became my purpose; to share reputable scientific information in a simplified format. DrAutoimmuneGirl is a blog with a mission to identify the root cause of disease through health and wellness and create a balance between nutrition and medicine. Follow along and join me on this journey of discovery!