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Hey! I’m Donna

Pharmacist. Nutritionist. Autoimmune Expert. Author. Mom.
From a young age, I always had a passion for natural healing and preventative care. After obtaining a Doctorate in Pharmacy, this passion became an obsession as my learnings conflicted with my core beliefs. 

I am the author of the “Immunity Food Fix” and “Immunity Food Fix Cookbook” a guide to a 100 Superfoods and Nutrition Hacks to Reverse Inflammation, Prevent Illness, and Boost Your Immunity! 

I've also developed the PIRH gut healing protocol and Besana supplements. Besana is a pharmacist formulated supplement line carefully curated to support your healing and overall immune health. 

Follow my mission to help others identify the root cause of disease and create the balance between nutrition and medicine!
Boswellia Seratta has been touted as the herb that can conquer it all. In the world of essential oils, it is known as the “king of oils”, but do people really understand the reasoning behind its value and impact on health and disease.
When we think about vitamins and minerals for health, we generally utilize them to help reverse established diseases. For instance, calcium and vitamin D for osteoporosis, magnesium supplementation for chronic migraines, or iron for anemia.

Gut health stems far beyond the gut

This concept was quite shocking to me, even though I had a medical background. I had no idea that my gut was so strongly linked to my immune system Did you know that the GI mucosal membrane surface is the largest interface between our internal body and the external world? It’s not only the largest in size at more than 4300 square feet (400 square meters), but also 60% of the immune system is located within the GI tract.