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Nourish Probiotic

Nourish Probiotic

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Nourish Probiotic contains S.Boulardii (Saccharomyces Boulardii); a nonpathogenic yeast.  S. boulardii possesses probiotic activity that promotes microbial diversity and supports gastrointestinal health and immune function. This strain does not require refrigeration and can survive passage through the harsh gastric environment, withstanding high acidity, bile, and heat. Extensive research has demonstrated the potential use of S. boulardii in supporting normal bowel function and for promoting GI health. S. Boulardii has demonstrated efficacy in improving dysbiosis and increasing IgA levels.*

 Nourish Probiotics may be beneficial for:

  • Normal colonization of the gut microbiome with commensal species by competing against potentially pathogenic bacteria species
  • Strengthening the intestinal barrier
  • Creating an environment that doesn’t support pathogenic bacteria
  • Promoting healthy bowel function
  • Offsetting the overgrowth of opportunistic bacteria and yeast

Product Size: 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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