D r. A u t o i m m u n e G i r l

D r. A u t o i m m u n e G i r l

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Gut Healing Protocol

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It’s Allergy season and a great time to invest in clean AIR! AirDoctor removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria! Check out the AirDoctor Pro and get $300 off with my link!

Clean water is something overlooked but the toxins and chemicals can poorly contribute to your health. Check out Clearly Filtered and use code “Autoimmune15” for 15% off!

For all my Hashimotos warriors looking for toothpaste without the competing fluoride, check out Rise well! Tastes great too! “Autoimmune10”  for 10% off

VERB energy bars give you that afternoon boost without the jitters! Caffeinated with green tea to give you that little extra you need! Click the link for 16 bars for $10!!

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